Help & Advice

We can often match an existing fastener, or suggest an alternative

Are you struggling to find a fastener to suit a specialist piece of equipment?

Are you searching for high grade metric fine fasteners?

Is it stainless steel fixings that you are after?

Perhaps something to fit a Japanese motorbike or a piece of heavy plant? Maybe a classic car or a tractor?

Does it seem that noone has the fastener you need?

Often what appears to be an insurmountable problem can be overcome by a simple solution. CW Fasteners has a massive range of stocked items and the experience to suggest alternatives where required. If you have an item of obsolete equipment or where the OEM fixing is simply too expensive, we will do our best to provide a cost-effective solution.

Feel free to e-mail us drawings or photographs of a sample fastener or of the item to be fixed and we will do our best to help.